Christian Praise Dance - our love expression to the Lord.

Growing in our intimacy with God is foundational to praise dance. It is from this place that the praise dancer finds expression. It is that place that the Holy Spirit inhabits and moves through us with power. Like any relationship it takes time, commitment and work. However, learning to live from that secret place is there for those who eagerly seek Him. It is a process, a turning of our hearts toward the One who adores us. Praise dance becomes much more then choreography to music. It is a falling upon Jesus, the Lover of our souls. It is a leaning on a Heavenly Father who truly is our Father. It is a life daily laid down that allows the Holy Spirit free access to move through.

Christian Praise Dance Foundational DVDs offers The Devotional Dance Workshop DVD and The Healing River DVD as a resource to helping the praise dancer, and even an entire congregation, discover that deeper place with God.

Christian Praise Dance - the bride released

Praise dance is a prophetic expression, a sign and a symbol of our freedom in Christ. As a praise dancer, moving more fully into this freedom is most often a choice we must deliberately make. Wounds from the past, fear of others, self consciousness, criticism and judgments, competition and many other factors can rob us of that freedom to move and dance.

Christian Praise Dance Inspirational Series DVDs are a resource for inspiring you to begin, or continue, to move into that more spacious place of freedom.

Christian Praise Dance - for everyone

Praise dance is a outward expression of our love for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is a bold declaration of what we believe, the passionate cry of our hearts, a dance of intimacy whether alone or as part of the body of Christ. Praise dance may be a simple as raising an arm in praise while seated, as unplanned as spontaneous dance, or as praise dance performed in front of a congregation

Christian Praise Dance Instructional DVDs are an excellent resource for learning choreography to one of our many songs. The movements are simple enough for anyone to learn. Clear step-by-step instructions make learning praise dance something that everyone can do.

Christian Praise Dance-a renewing of our minds

Freedom in praise dance comes by allowing the Holy Spirit to continually renew our minds through scripture, life experiences, His quiet voice and in many other ways. He takes us where we are and continues to teach us in ways that draw us deeper into His healing presence and love. Our responsibility is to recognize His leading and respond to all that He wants to teach us.

Christian Praise Dance Teaching Videos and Articles are provided free and are teaching we feel the Spirit of God has imparted to us which we would like to share with you.